Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography


The Swedish label Amigo produced two excellent live Stockholm concert recordings, Pilu and Desh, recorded on 19/11/1975 and issued as LPs later, 1977/1979. The recordings have had rereleases in CD format. On both recordings Anindo Chatterjee plays tabla, and Ratan Mukherjee accompanied on tampura.
Audiorec is based in the UK and still offers these two CDs, as does Swedish distributor Country and Eastern.

AMLP 822 Pilu 54:30
AMCD 904 Track lengths
Alap (7:51) Gat In Rupak Tal (19:61) Gat In Deepchandi Tal (18:37) Gat In Drut Teental (8:58) Alap (7:51)
Gat In Rupak Tal (19:61)
Gat In Deepchandi Tal (18:37)
Gat In Drut Teental (8:58)

AMLP 831 Desh 53:25
AMCD 905 Track lengths
Alap (26:14)
Jor (8:51)
Vilambit Gat in Teental (4:12)
Drut Gat in Teental (13:46)

They were released as LPs as BRGP1042/3 Oriental Records 1983 in the US with LP labels swapped in error.
And in France Disques Esperance, ESP 165 540 in 1980.
Re-released by Amigo on CD as AMCD 904 & 905 in 1999/2001 respectively.
Also released by Audiorec on CD as ARCD 2005 (1989 and 1995) and ARCD 2007 (1993).
Country and Eastern released their CDS of these performances as CDs 904 and 905.
Also see Esperance.


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