December 2016 - Out Now! - Fracking The UK 2 - The Storm Rages On. This second volume takes the fracking story forward from March 2013 to date.

Newly published - Beggars Way - A Roselake Novel. A comedy of English provincial town life - available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.

The Martin Cole books, the Blackpool novels and Fracking The UK are all available in paperback as well as digital format.

Welcome to Alan Tootill's web pages, 

Alan is the author of the Martin Cole novels, a light-hearted crime series set in the fictional East Devon town of Roselake.

He also writes the Blackpool Novels, harder, with a touch of pulp mixed with noir.

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Published early March 2013 is Alan's non-fiction book, Fracking The UK, an account of the dangers posed to Britain by shale gas hydraulic fracturing and other extreme energy methods.